I am a creative consultant specialising
in developing brand personality and
business direction.

I have 20 years of experience in the design industry and I was the co-founder and creative director of design and branding agency Fivefootsix.

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The value of creative freedom

I believe every creatively led business or individual benefits from the freedom of exploring their creativity through a side project.
Something which grows directly from a passion and is able to flourish with no unnecessary expectations placed upon it.

It’s where we can challenge ourselves, experiment, iterate and even give ourselves
the freedom to fail.

This belief was at the core of Fivefootsix.

One of our creative side projects was
The Art of Ping Pong. A project I am still
driving forward today.

The Art of Ping Pong collides all the colour of art with the fun of table tennis and we’re striving to become the most spirited ping pong brand on
the planet.

Along this journey we have raised over £15k for BBC Children in Need, The Alzheimer’s Society and the Roger Federer Foundation.

Creative freedom matters.

“The side projects we do are the litmus paper that indicates the type of organisation that we are.
It all adds oxygen and fuel to our bonfire.”

Mary Portas